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Ultramarine pigment dispersion process in the developer

Ultramarine pigments disperse in the developing agent through three processes, wetting, grinding and dispersing.

Since the primary particles of the ultramarine pigment are in a high-energy state, there is a problem that the pigment particles aggregate and the pigment particles form a group, the particle diameter is enlarged to such an extent that it can not be directly dispersed and used in the developing agent, and the surface of the particles adsorbs The air, water and other substances, due to the obstruction of these substances, so that the developer can not immediately contact with the pigment, which requires a pigment particles around the open water, gas process, the exhibition was replaced by toner said the process For the wetting process, the difficulty of wetting is related to the physical properties of both. In order to improve the wetting process, wetting agents are sometimes added.

The agglomeration of ultramarine pigments in the color-developing agent by means of mechanical crushing, that is to say grinding and grinding, does not cause all of the particles to fragment to the primary particles but only to the desired fineness, the grinding efficiency of which depends on the one hand on the ground Equipment, pigment and color ratio between the developer, on the other hand, it depends on the state of the pigment material itself, some of the pigment particles soft and easy to grind, and some hard particles hard to grind on the pigment effect of the grinding effect is Many reasons are many, the quality of post-processing pigment is not high, the content of water, water-soluble mechanical impurities, such as particles, the particle properties of pigment particles are not good, these gaps will result in the quality of the gap on the grinding.

In the process of group Qingyan grinding in order to maintain a certain degree of shear, paint often less than the amount of the third dispersion in the process to make up to the required amount of toner, the pigment should be uniformly and stably suspended in the exhibition Toner, the skin is the whole process of dispersion is completed.