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Use of Ultramarine Pigments and Hydrophilicity

Ultramarine pigments inorganic blue pigments. Paint industry for the manufacture of paint, so that the brightness more distinct.

Rubber industry for shoes outsole, plastic sheeting and other rubber products coloring, mention white or mixed with yellow pigment grass green. The paper industry is used in pulp to make bright white or blue pulp. Printing and dyeing textile printing industry trademark for white cotton, knitwear to increase fiber whiteness and knitted fabrics.

The pigment industry is used for the coloring of oil paints and as whitener for white pigments. Plastics industry for plastic products and artificial leather coloring, fight and mention white. Construction industry for cement brick, artificial marble coloring. In addition, ultramarine can also be used for anti-aging of perfluorocarbon resin, hydrocracking catalyst, as well as adsorption of uranium from seawater.

Ultramarine pigment Non-toxic inorganic pigment, blue powder, bright colors, fresh, non-other blue can match, or even can not be deployed.

Ultramarine pigments do not dissolve in water. With the elimination and reduce the white paint or other white materials containing yellow light color performance. Low tinting power and hiding power, poor corrosion resistance. Alkali, high temperature, the sun and the weather in the atmosphere is extremely stable. Have better hydrophilic, but not acid, metacidolytic discoloration.