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Pigment black coverage is what?

Pigment black black masterbatch is produced using carbon black. Raw black is a very difficult to handle and dirty mixture, it is full of dust, light weight, was fluffy. Unless large-scale measures are taken, it can contaminate the machine and workers and make the working environment dirty. Because of this, castors are generally chosen on a resin carrier, which is black masterbatch, to complete the carbon black pre-dispersion.

This resin carrier is clean, free-flowing and easy to use. In addition, carbon black in addition to dirty, there is a feature that is difficult to disperse. If you mold carbon black directly melting, the coloring effect will be very poor. Non-dispersive carbon black streaks and speckle areas appear conspicuously beside the less colored areas. Standard injection molding machines do not effectively disperse carbon black.

The hard-to-disperse properties of carbon black also plague masterbatch producers. High load black masterbatches produced using single or double screw extruders have very poor dispersibility. When the end user mixes or molds these black masterbatches, it performs only slightly better than carbon black, but the results are equally unsatisfactory. In order to achieve a stable high degree of dispersion, it is necessary to use a high level of shearing machine to mix carbon black, such as a mixture of FCM or BANBURY. With sufficient strength, these mixers allow complete mixing of the carbon black with the base resin. The type of carbon black used also affects the dispersibility. The smaller the carbon black particles, the more difficult the dispersion.

Pigment thin black wax is the most emphasis on the application of dispersion requirements. The poor dispersion of the masterbatch of the final product from the corner can be easily seen by the naked eye. In addition to the lack of aesthetics, the poor dispersion of carbon black in the film significantly reduces the anti-weathering properties of the black film. Small particles with good dispersibility are the main features of the fiber industry, which are used in ropes, yarns, carpets and other industries.

Strong coverage of pigmented blacks The second factor that determines the quality of black masterbatches is the coverage factor, which is particularly important for masterbatches used for scrap or recycled polymers. In these cases, the effect of black Is to cover the waste of other colors. Large particles of carbon black coloring ability is poor, not easy to cover all the other colors in the bottom, the result of the final product only get off the color. In the melting process, the right to choose first with high coloring ability of carbon black to cover the existing color capacity is the so-called coverage