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Ultramarine manufacturers introduce the classification of organic pigments

Organic pigments are classified according to application: Ink pigments (UV ink pigments, screen printing ink pigments, intaglio ink pigments, offset ink pigments), plastic pigments (PVC, PS, PO, PC, PBT, RUBBER), rubber pigments, paint pigments , Powder Coating Pigments, Pigment Pigments, Exterior Paint Pigments)

Organic pigments according to the performance classification: transparent pigments, cover pigments, halogen-free pigments, environmental pigments, non-toxic pigments, high temperature pigments, migratory pigments, lightfast pigments, weathering pigments, light pigments, acid pigments, alkali-resistant pigments, solvents pigment

Organic pigments classified by body: monoazo pigments, disazo pigments, benzimidazolone pigments, quinacridone pigments, indoline pigments, benzidine pigments

Ultramarine manufacturers, organic pigments according to the shade Category: red yellow, green yellow, blue red, yellow red, yellow orange, red orange, yellow purple, blue purple, red purple, red blue, green blue

Ultramarine yellow, lemon yellow, permanent red, red, magenta, permanent magenta, pink, rose red, purple, permanent orange, permanent orange, brilliant blue, permanent purple Wait.