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Pigment black broken rate is what?

Color carbon black rubber filler, can significantly improve the stress, tensile strength, tear strength, hardness and many other properties. So as to improve the quality of rubber products. So we can also think that the performance characteristics of carbon black, to a large extent, can determine the quality of rubber. Data show that the reinforcing effect of carbon black on rubber is mainly related to the amount of carbon black, structure, particle size and oil content and surface activity. Our article is mainly about the effect of the particle size of carbon black on rubber products. The company is located in:

Mentioned the particle size of pigment black on the application of rubber we have to mention a broken rate. Broken rate refers to the carbon black into the mixing process powder content score. The powder content also need to be controlled, usually carbon black particle size greater than 125μm called grain, less than 125μm called powder, powder content is too high will affect the rubber quality. We say that the lower the crushing rate of carbon black, the better. So what exactly has affected the rate of fragmentation? We will study this issue today. The company is located in:

From the movement of Kerry in the conveying air flow, the particles have different air resistance due to the difference of their size and content, the particle's velocity and direction will change, causing the velocity and direction of particles to move Variations cause significant speed differences between particles, friction and collisions with each other. Even carbon black particles of the same size, mass, and shape move in different pipe positions and have different rates of fragmentation. The reason is that there are differences in the axial, mirror and circumferential velocities at some locations in the pipeline. In addition, different types of carbon black, its own fragmentation rate will be different. A research department has done a similar experiment, the different types of carbon black in the same transport conditions for the experiment, the resulting total crushing rate is very different. The company is located in:

There is the particle characteristics of pigment black. Carbon black particle packing density, crushing strength, particle size, particle shape and other factors on the carbon black will have a certain impact on the rate of fragmentation. Particle bulk density differences mainly come from different manufacturers of carbon black process. Carbon black to prevent the length of time will also affect the size of the bulk density, the longer the time, the absorption of water will increase the bulk density of carbon black, bulk density, the greater the transmission resistance, the more difficult delivery. For carbon black with high resistance, larger conveying pressure and more air will be used to increase conveying speed. The air volume increases, the feed gas mixture ratio will drop, reduce the delivery resistance, improve the delivery speed, will cause the increase of carbon black broken rate. The company is located in:

The crushing strength of pigment carbon black, under the same conveying distance, pipeline layout and conveying parameters, the greater the crushing strength of carbon black particles, the smaller the increment of crushing rate after conveying. In order to ensure the crushing rate of carbon black particles less than 5%, the crushing strength of carbon black particles should be greater than 25g for pneumatic conveying system with conveying distance greater than 100m. If the conveying distance is less than 100m, the crushing strength of carbon black particles is not Should be less than 22 ~ 24g. Particle size distribution, its impact on the rate of fragmentation is mainly based on the size effect of strength. The measured value of the material strength usually varies with the size of the experimental particles. The smaller the particle size, the greater the value of its intensity, the less likely it is to break up during transport. Because the larger the particle, the more likely it is to contain defects and the more cracks are contained. The company is located in:

There is also a point to note is the hygroscopicity of carbon black, carbon black stored in the atmosphere for too long, then the transport of carbon black is more likely to clump, affecting the delivery capacity and the residual amount within the pipeline. In order to achieve normal delivery, it is necessary to improve the conveying speed, and increasing the speed will inevitably cause an increase of the crushing rate of the carbon black. In addition, when cleaning the pipeline involved in carbon black, too much cleaning will increase the rate of carbon black broken.