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Carbon black manufacturers elaborate the black carbon black pigment influence factors

In general, the black pigment pigment black with its own original size of the size, has the most direct relationship between the smaller the original particle size, the higher its blackness, the red will be more obvious, in practice Of the use of the higher requirements for grinding equipment; larger particle size carbon black products, relatively speaking, will show a better blue phase, but its own darkness is not as good as the former.

The black color is generated when all sunlight is absorbed and there is no visual representation of the reflected light. At the same time, we know that very small particles can reflect very little light. In physics, wavelength and particle size have a certain relationship.

Carbon black manufacturers, "carbon black particles," the degree of light scattering, with the decrease of the particle size decreases, in addition to affecting the light effects, but also affect the color, for the following reasons: When the light through a primary color black coloring Layer, the shortwave blue light has a stronger scattering effect than the longwave red light. The thinner the carbon black, the more pronounced this effect. Red light components due to the scattering loss is small, carbon black manufacturers said, so into the depth of the coloring layer larger. The overall blue light scattering is strong, in the opposite direction, the back of the scattering is also strong, so reflected from the colored layer. When observing the reflection process, the appearance of blue shades that are colored with fine carbon black gives a feeling of blackness higher. If the carbon black is coarse, a brown hue accordingly. The company is located in:

When observing the transmission process, the same colored layer (not completely transparent film) had the opposite color tone relationship, and as the particle size decreased, the blue light with stronger scattering passed through the colored layer to a lesser extent, that is, the blue light passed through the colored Layers to the other side less ingredients, wear out from the other side. Thus, due to the lack of blue light on the observed side, the colored layer appears brownish when observed during transmission. The company is located in:

The carbon black manufacturer's analysis, when toning with titanium dioxide (gray tone), is similar to the observation of the coloring of the primary color during transmission, the light is scattered back and forth in the white pigment in the black pigment plastic sheet, the smaller the particle Diameter carbon black will make the blue light scattering in the visible light stronger, so more of the rest of the red light will be transmitted over, showing a gray with a yellow hue, on the contrary, such as coloring with coarse carbon black pigment, Especially the coarser lamp black, you will get gray with a blue hue