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Pigment carbon black dispersion process

Pigmented carbon black through the dispersion process, through the formation of mechanical grinding fine particles and paint to form a uniform suspension, without external force, to maintain a stable dispersion state called the stable stage, the dispersant is at this stage to play a role Additives.

In general, dispersants with large molecular weight can form thicker adsorbed layers.

Dispersant if used properly, not only to prevent pigment precipitation, the paint has good storage stability, but also to improve the leveling to prevent the pigment float color, to obtain a uniform color coating, improve the pigment's coloring power, hiding power , Increase the gloss of the coating film, but also reduce the viscosity of the colorant, increase the content of the pigment carbon black in the colorant, improve the grinding efficiency, and save manpower and energy.

Painting equipment used in the construction is very good, he generally uses electrostatic spraying on the workpiece spraying, spraying the main equipment from the powder room, electrostatic powder spraying equipment and spray guns, powder recovery devices and other components.