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Analysis of carbon black manufacturers in the impact of hydrogen content

Carbon black manufacturers, the analysis of hydrogen content in pigment black generally use conventional organic trace combustion method. This method requires the conductive carbon black to be completely burnt in oxygen and to measure the amount of water produced; the other is to analyze the PVA by thermally decomposing the volatiles. When the conductive carbon black is heated to 1600 in a vacuum or inert atmosphere, the released hydrogen can be analyzed by gas chromatography. There is good consistency between the results of the hydrogen content measured by the micro-combustion method and the PVA method, but it is necessary to correct the PVA results for other secondary hydrogen-containing substances.

The oxygen in the conductive carbon black is derived from the oxygen in the flame when the conductive carbon black particles are generated. Therefore, the production method of the conductive carbon black determines the oxygen content of the conductive carbon black. The pelletizing furnace black has an oxygen content of less than 1% and decreases as the particle size increases.

Trough black and pigment conductive carbon black oxygen content is higher than 3%, the conductive carbon black oxygen in the form of conductive carbon black surface oxide, which determines the reactivity of conductive carbon black. Analysis of carbon black manufacturers, pyrolysis gas chromatography PGC is a practical method of obtaining oxygenated conductive carbon black, that is measured at 900 ~ 1000 ℃ from the conductive carbon black surface pyrolysis of CO2, CO. The pH test of conductive carbon black slurry is a standard method of characterizing the oxidation behavior of conductive carbon blacks but it does not reflect the neutral and basic oxygenates on the surface of conductive carbon blacks.

Carbon black manufacturers, the conductive carbon black contains hydrogen content is not certain, it depends on the nature of the raw materials and production methods, conductive carbon black particles attached to the surface of a layer of hydrogen, for the smaller diameter conductive carbon black , Sufficient to distribute the hydrogen content all over the surface, with some hydrogen bound to the interior of the carbon particles for the low surface conductive carbon black.