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Pigment carbon black manufacturers of carbon black in the application of engineering ceramics

Pigment carbon black manufacturers, engineering ceramics almost all the modern ceramic family with all the strengths, their strength is high, especially hot pressing silicon nitride, room temperature bending strength are generally in the range of 8000 ~ 10000 kg / cm 2 Inside. If the addition of the amount of yttria and alumina thermal silicon nitride, the room temperature as much as 15,000 kg / cm 2, so that the strength of the ceramic material over 10,000 kg mark, which can be said in ceramic materials Is among the best. Its hardness is also high, one of the hardest substances in the world.

It is very high temperature, does not melt into a liquid after heating, and until 1900 ℃ has just decomposed into silicon and nitrogen. At the same time, the ability to withstand hot and cold rapid change is also very good, suddenly heating them from room temperature to over a thousand degrees high temperature, and then suddenly thrown into the water will never crack, therefore, the most suitable for the manufacture of high-temperature gas turbine blades , High temperature crucible and so on. Because of its high hardness, it can be used as a metal cutting tool to soften and oxidize even under the conditions of high friction due to rapid friction. It is therefore suitable for high-speed cutting and cutting of hard materials such as barrel and brake drums Quality steel.

Pigment carbon black manufacturers analysis, it can do the metal does not work, made of silicon nitride gas turbine turbine blades have a wide range of uses. Because gas turbines are an advanced power machinery, jetplanes, thermal power plants, locomotives, and trucks need it. Has excellent wear resistance and chemical resistance of the ability to create a variety of corrosion-prone parts of the good material. It can withstand almost all inorganic acids (except hydrofluoric acid) and 30% of the following caustic soda solution. It is also resistant to the erosion of many organic materials.

Carbon black instead of nano-A1203 added to 95 porcelain, can play the role of nano-particles, while it is the second phase particles, not only to improve the strength of ceramic materials, toughness, but also improve the material hardness and elastic modulus Performance, the effect is better than adding A1203. The use of carbon black to composite ceramic substrates not only improves the densification, toughness and finish of the substrate, but also greatly reduces the sintering temperature. In addition, carbon black ceramic filters, corundum ball ceramic products such as the application effect is also very significant.

 In addition, carbon black is the main pigment in black products, the quality of its products, pigment black manufacturers said that a direct impact on the quality of black ink and printed appearance. We all know: The main component of carbon black is carbon, is composed of quasi-crystal graphite, similar to the spherical colloidal particles or particles and particles welded together aggregates. The carbon black powders we have seen on a daily basis are agglomerates that are bound together by a number of aggregates or entangled together by physical forces