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About carbon black materials purchasing tips

The use of pigment carbon black is mainly based on individual products to choose from, pigment black as a pigment in the ink, paint, paint, paste, sealants, plastics, ceramics, plastics, cables and other industrial production areas using a broader scale. Different categories of functional requirements for pigment black are not the same, even in the same category, because the quality of the goods produced are not the same, the functional requirements of the material will have a greater difference.

The smaller the particle diameter of the pigment black, the higher its blackness. However, because the polymerization between the particles can be larger, so when the need for greater energy dissipation, the use of appropriate dispersant and better disperse the device is crucial. Therefore, the production of black goods less demanding, try not to select high pigment black, to select the lower oil absorption, medium black, good color strength of the pigment black to use, the price will not be very High, but also extremely satisfied with the production needs.

In the pigment black no matter how best will not make a high pigment black and black pigment, blackness in the higher demand of goods (such as high-level automotive paint), the choice of high blackness, post-processing to improve dispersion Of pigmented carbon black products, will reach the outstanding effect.

The basic idea of choosing carbon black The first thing to consider before choosing carbon black is: What do you want to achieve with carbon black? Coloring, color, UV or conductive role. The most important thing is that we must communicate with carbon black professional and technical engineers to carry out technical evaluation of the material system and choose the more suitable carbon black varieties. The usual situation is:

Coloring - choose high blackness, small particle size carbon black, but must ensure that carbon black after a reasonable and complete dispersion, otherwise it will run counter to the original requirements.

Color - with low blackness, large particle size, easy to disperse carbon black.

Anti-UV - Mainly used in plastics and rubber, choose medium size, slightly higher structure of carbon black, their best UV resistance.